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Reach targeted audience within seconds and Grow your business with bulk Marketing.

Bulk Marketing

Bulk marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing, because through bulk marketing you can not only offer your product and services, but feed in your audience subconscious mind that Sublize Technology are the best company for that particular product or services so that if they need that products or services in future, you will come first in their mind.

Bulk Panel

Bulk panel is the overview of your sending, leads, inbox, draft etc. And also show that all activities of you bulk services. you can always keep an eye on your services with the help of bulk panel.

Including bulk marketing services

Bulk SMS

Sending SMS to potential customers is called bulk SMS marketing, for this type of campaigns; firstly, we collect data of prospects from different source and shoot specially design marketing SMS to attract them to buy your product and services.

Bulk Email marketing

Bulk Email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing methods, yet it is very effective. We can create lucrative email marketing campaign for you, which can help you to get high quality leads and conversions.

Bulk whatsapp

Now a days whatsapp marketing is in boom because billions of people are using whatsapp and it became very import part of our day to day life, so we can reach large number of audience through whatsapp and advertise among them.

Voice SMS

Sending voice SMS to our prospect clients is the most personalised way of marketing, because a person is more affected by an ad, when he is listening all the necessary aspect about that product or services.

Easy to Use & Fast

AdWords provides you easy to use platform and high quality leads in very short span of time, through adwords conversion rate is very high because all the prospects are looking out for the services which you are offering you just need to give a little push. Here, a well-designed ad can break an ice between you and your potential clients.

Search Ads

Ad’s which are triggered by proactive search queries inputted by the user is called search ads.

Display Ads

Ad’s which are triggered when users are visiting pages that relate to their needs, interest or profile is called display ads.

Video Ads

as the name suggest video ads are all about advertising and increasing engagement through high impact video.

Facebook Ads

through Facebook ads we can advertise among targeted audience based on demographic information and user activity.

Boost Post Ads

this type of ad can be used to make your business a renowned brand by making it more visible among people.

Campaign Ads

running advertise based on any upcoming campaign (event) is called campaign ads; this is mostly usefully for political parties.